The Wandering Winter Craft Show - Information and FAQ

The Wandering Winter Craft Show is an annual craft show featuring locally made handicrafts.

The WWCS is brought to you by Shop Cats. Shop Cats is committed to providing cost effective craft sales venues via pop-up craft events for the greater Toronto craft and artisan community.

WWCS4 - 2013 Details

Dates and Locations to be announced.

Vendor call will go out late August, applications due mid September, Vendor confirmations by late September.

Is there a fee to apply?

Never! The only fee is to mail you postcards ($3).

Why do I have to pay you $3 to mail me postcards?

You don't! You only need to pay it if you want me to mail you 50 postcards so you can hand them out, if you don't want me to mail them to you you don't need to pay it. Simple as that. I will have postcards available for pick, for free, you'll just have to pick them up!

Who can apply?

Anyone who makes things!

If you import items or are a retailer, I'm sorry, but this is not the show for you.

How many applications do you get?

Traditionally we get 8 applications for every table.

And that number gets bigger every year!

Are tables/chairs provided?

Yes, if you need them, tables and chairs can be provided, just let me know!

Can I use my own table/rack/display and get a discount?

You can use your own table/rack/display, but there is no discount, sorry.

I only want to do one day of a two-day show, is that possible?

Anything is possible, email me!

Can I share a table with my friend?

Yes, but they must apply with you. You may not share your table with someone who has not been accepted into the show. Apply together, use one form for both of you, and be sure to explain your intent. Please note: you will not get any "extra" space other than the allotted table.

What is your cancellation policy?

Things happen, we get that. You may cancel and receive a full refund up until November 1st.

After November 1st there is no refund.

Why don't you have sponsors?

Sometimes we do! If you want to sponsor the show or have idea for us, please email us!